Geology & Paleontology Specimen Cabinet

Lane Geology and Paleontology Specimen Cabinets are designed for the proper and permanent protective storage of heavy rocks and fossils. These cabinets reflect the highest standards of the metal furniture trade. They are fabricated from cold rolled highest quality furniture steel, free from all rust and scale.

Lane Geology and Paleontology Cabinets are all extremely durable, constructed to accommodate heavy specimens. The cabinets are also reinforced for stacking, allowing one cabinet to be placed on top of another. When not stacked, the top of the cabinet provides a sturdy work surface.

MODEL 301-RD (right hand door swing) and
MODEL 301-LD (left hand door swing)

lane science equipment geology and paleontology specimen preservation cabinet

36 7/8″ Height
29″ Width
31 15/16″ Depth



The 301 Model is ideal for heavy rock and fossil collection. The cabinet holds a maximum of 16 trays, which is shown in the Model 301-LD example. The Model 301-RD displayed here shows 10 trays, allowing room for taller items.




1 7/8″ Height X 24 15/16″ Width X 30″ Depth


Trays must be ordered separately. 16 tray maximum capacity. The trays are 20 gauge steel with two chrome-plated handles and a large label holder. Trays also feature a no sag bottom, reinforced channel slides, and smooth double thick edges. Price of cabinets does not include trays.

301-B BASE

You may purchase an optional 16-gauge steel frame, which raises the cabinet four inches off the floor. It is not required for proper functioning of the cabinet.

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