Herbarium & Botany Specimen Cabinet

Lane Herbarium Specimen Cabinets are designed for the proper and permanent protective storage of botanical specimens. Lane Herbarium cabinets reflect the highest standards of the metal furniture trade. Outer and inner cases are fabricated from cold rolled highest quality furniture steel, free from all rust and scale.





Equipped with the finest elastomeric seal, double wall construction, and Lane’s lift-off door. 26 interior compartments. The Herbarium 1A cabinet has a rigid chrome push plate to provide auxiliary pressure when closing the air tight door.

Models 1A-R (Right hand door swing, shown here) and 1A-L (Left hand door swing)

Outside dimensions: 84 1/8″ Height X 29 5/32″ Width X 18 25/32″ Depth
Compartment opening dimensions: 5 7/8″ Height X 12 5/8″ Width X 17 1/2″ Depth



Optional Removable Steel Drawer


We manufacture an optional removable steel drawer #1216 for storage of cones, roots, fruit, fungi, etc.

Dimensions: 5 3/4″ Height X 12 5/16″ Width X 16 7/16″ Depth





Model 2A is ideally suited for storage flexibility, containing the same construction features that are incorporated in the 1-A model. 12 interior compartments.

Models 2A-R (Right hand door swing) and 2A-L (Left hand door swing, shown here)

Dimensions: 40″ Height X 29 5/32″ Width X 18 25/32″ Depth

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